Universities take up Global Justice

Trisakti and Chittagong make tremendous start

In August, 2004 Rodney Shakespeare was in Jakarta, Indonesia for the inauguration ceremony of the postgraduate programme in Islamic Economics & Finance at The Triskati University. Rodney (possibly with Global Table member Tarek el-Diwany) will be teaching the subject of endogenous loans which is the first big step to end the imposition of interest. Interest is generally unnecessary and endogenous loans are the method by which:—
• public capital projects are built for half the present cost
• private capital ownership becomes widespread throughout the population
• small businesses are freed from the burden of interest
• “green” capital projects become commercially viable.

AND people get a basic income!

Then, just before Christmas, a big conference at the International Islamic University in Chittagong, Bangladesh also welcomed Global Justice endogenous loans. The university has now incorporated The Institute of Political Economy into the university. The Institute will become the regional centre for the promotion of the new thinking and the Bangladesh Minister of Industries has already asked to receive the Institute’s proposals.

Moreover, the Chittagong academics are showing interest in another aspect of Global thinking Chris Cook’s partnership proposals.

NB. Trisakti and Chittagong are only the start. Moves are being made to contact other universities – both Western and Islamic.

Things are beginning to move!