Islamic Conference in Indonesia

Rodney Shakespeare will be the main speaker in an important Islamic Conference in Indonesia: 26th/27th January, 2004. The Global Justice Movement is unique in that it has a range of specific policies which can be implemented in Western AND in Islamic societies. Indeed, any country in the world can take up and implement GJM policy because it is positive and helps everybody.

In August 2002 Canon Peter Challen, who is Chair of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and Rodney Shakespeare were main speakers at the Kuala Lumpur International Islamic Conference “A Stable and Just Global Monetary System”. They introduced “Seven Steps to Justice” as founding the basis for such a system and were well received, being given a private meeting at the highest level of the Malaysian government.

Then Rodney was invited to write the Foreword to The Islamic World-system, the new magnum opus of Professor Masudul Alam Choudhury. Professor Choudhury is the leading moderate academic in the field of Islamic economics. If you want to read the Foreword, go to “Articles” on this website.

There followed an invitation to speak at the Oman conference, which was unfortunately cancelled. However, more recently, came another invitation, this time to be main speaker at the Trisakti University (Jakarta) Islamic Conference on “Money Supply and the Real Economy” in late January, 2004, where the new thinking will be discussed.

The new thinking is positive, radical and benefits everyone, and many are the narrow, vested interests which want to stop its advance. If you want to read Rodney’s paper for the Conference, go to “Articles” on this website and then the paper entitled “Binary Economics“.We wish Rodney good luck in Jakarta

Update: February 2004: See “Articles” for Rodney’s initial Report on the Conference