Author: Rodney Shakespeare

Rodney ShakespeareRodney Shakespeare taught in UK schools and colleges for thirteen years.  For ten years he was Visiting Professor of Binary Economics (holding the only academic post in the subject in the world) at Trisakti University, Jakarta (second university in prestige in Indonesia) where he taught on the International Postgraduate Islamic Economics and Finance program.  Binary Economics is a new paradigm economics which, among other things, addresses the technological shift now smashing out traditional well-paid jobs (and substituting insecure, low-paid ones) and upholds democratic economic rights as well as the usual political ones.  As a completely new, major paradigm, Binary Economics could not be understood (and thus taught) in the UK.

Rodney is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, and a well-known paper presenter and lecturer particularly at conferences dealing with money, the real economy, and social and economic justice.  Co-founder of the Global Justice Movement   he is the author of  In 2000 he received the (Martin Luther) King-Kelso Award.  He broadcasts with various TV stations including Press TV.

Rodney’s first co-authored book on Binary Economics — The Two-factor Nation— was published in 1976.  He is co-author (with Robert Ashford) of the standard textbook on Binary Economics — Binary Economics – the new paradigm (1999).  He is co-author (with Peter Challen) of the subsequent text Seven Steps toJustice (2002) which further develops Binary Economics, and author of The Modern Universal Paradigm (July, 2007) containing later developments in particular relating to paradigmatic understanding and the appeal of Binary Economics to people of faith and of good faith. He is also author of The Prophet Vindicated (P.B.U.H.) (2019).  A further major work is in preparation.

Rodney is a widower with two children and two grandchildren.  He is a private tutor and Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain.

Due to an accident he has impaired hearing.

His present work concerns the development of the New Paradigm which, after an interaction between key aspects of Islam and progressive Western and Islamic thinking, evolves into a new concept with huge practical and beneficialconsequences for the world.  The latest book — A New Paradigm Response — is to be published in several languages.

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