Having read and understood the presentation of Binary Economics on this website, you may wish to consider taking further action. It is unlikely, outside academic circles,  for people to be able to campaign on the idea of Binary Economics as a complete paradigm.  However, there are many different aspects of the ideas put forward that campaign groups may adopt, for example:-

CITIZENS could DEMAND interest-free (repayable) loans from a government-controlled bank, to fund large-scale public capital projects thereby providing jobs. At the same time, the interest-free mechanism can be used, over time, to diminish national debt. The mechanism can also be used, over time, to develop and spread the real economy to EVERY individual in society. In particular, it can fund social housing at half or less of the present cost. NB The interest-free loans are to be repaid and cancelled.

STUDENTS could DEMAND that all loans to them are interest-free, and they could link up with unions and workers to DEMAND that national bank (or European Bank) interest-free loans are immediately made available for big public capital projects, including social housing,  thereby creating work for other people. Once there is a general understanding of the power of national bank-issued interest-free loans, students could demand the extension of their use to other areas.

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