GJM Progress Report

1. Peter Challen and Colin Whitmill made a talking tour in New Zealand during April 2005 which included interviews, broadcasts, a TV appearance and talks in eight cities. He supported New Zealand Democrats for Social Credit in their endeavour to end interest-bearing money and get a new monetary system while also setting out set out the basic principles of Seven Steps to Justice which are essentially concerned with the use of interest-free loans for various forms of productive capacity plus a basic income. Peter expressed confidence that, if New Zealand takes up new monetary policy, it could be the country of the future.

2. Chris Cook has had a big article (“Price dollars in oil, not oil in dollars”) in the Asia Times Online. The paper is linked from the Open Capital website.

3. Rodney Shakespeare is:–
a) lecturing at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia in September, 2005
b) delivering a major paper to the triennial Sixth International Conference on Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance at Jakarta, in November, 2005
c) delivering a major paper on the Universal Paradigm at Dacca, Bangladesh in December, 2005.